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Winter election gold velvet old material new warmth
moncler men 聽Everyone has a big long-legged heart, but not everyone has that kind of life. So we justify ourselves, fate, low short advantage, delicate and exquisite is not great? The cashmere coat has changed the impression of Jiao Qiao, there is a speechless charming Jiao Han people could not hold.

Do you think that jacket can not have a speaker sleeve yet? Do you think that only the thread cuffs can perfectly lock the warmth? Let the system bring a change in the inherent impression. moncler coats Although we can all think of such a way, only after we encounter the gold velvet did we find that such an approach was not unexpected at all.

Short jacket + shorts + knee boots, this must be the secret of height, for the following 160 sister paper to try. Full of bread collar and gold luster luster in stark contrast, with a different red bean paste, the kind of sweet but not greasy little woman style perfect show.

Have to admit, gold velvet control of color is beyond all expectations. And you imagine the difference is, any chic moncler jackets color encounter such materials will converge point personality, but show a different charm. Gray blue and silver touch, is not that feeling?

Want to show in winter the understanding of literature and art, we must need the help of color. Bright colors always show vitality, but not in line with the melancholy of literature and art, and too gloomy colors and easy to magnify the bleak autumn and winter people feel sad. At this time I felt that velvet just do not be too good, you can just right balance of art and deserted.

Like this soft blue, with a little misty foggy feeling, slightly revealing the point of sunny implication, as if winter is a very moncler men happy thing. Big fur collar can wrap your unexpected warmth, the winter needs a bit different and full of self-confidence to embellishment.

Seen gold velvet and blue-blue cooperation, it is difficult to detect the good of others, except for a species of Wushan cloud is not a sense of loss. Such a bright and crisp color, but it does not make people think ye ye whirring, in addition to elegant and elegant temperament, leisure and leisure may also be great gesture.