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While the autumn is thick, store a few pieces of wool coat it
Adhering to the principle of a rainy day, it is time to hoard a woolen jacket for the upcoming winter to prepare, the reason to choose this time store, moncler jacket the reason is very simple, and then earlier, the style will inevitably fall behind, and then later, maybe The risk of Zhuangshan, only now, not too late, just right.

In all the woolen jacket, the cocoon type is the most humble one, at the same time, but also the most affordable to a kind of, no matter what kind of woman, can easily control, do moncler coats not have to worry about the body of the problem, In its parcel, any shortcomings are not worth mentioning.

And then some leisure, that is, ordinary hooded models, although it looks flat, but by the women welcome, no way, and then exquisite woman can not be separated from the test of some of the daily occasions, go out like dating Get it, do not love it strange?

Too much attention to the woman on another matter, for them, dressed too casual is tantamount to their own disrespect, so that the choice of woolen jacket is quite cautious, in addition to practical internal function, external beauty Indispensable, but fortunately, rabbit wool fabric stitching woolen jacket enough Western style, or else, has long been eliminated.

And rabbit velvet fabric stitching woolen jacket is not the same, this woolen jacket jacket is not fabric, is the classic pattern. Black and white moncler sale staggered small lattice, as if all of a sudden pull back to the age of a few decades ago, nostalgic in the avant-garde, retro hidden in the trendy.

moncler jackets If you do not like too casual casual wind, but also feel nostalgic retro moncler jackets style a long time, may wish to try the elegant intellectual white urban wind. Different from the other two styles, urban white-collar wind mostly to simple lines, do not need any decoration, you can show the unique charm of a woman.

The so-called woman's unique charm, popular terms, is the legendary woman taste, do not underestimate this taste, to a certain age of women, almost all want to have, and have a shortcut, nor dress up none other. No, black and gray double-sided wool jacket a upper body, do not take moncler women the temperament route is immune

Say that this year's popular caramel color, in fact, last year has been popular, and if not give up, then, may wish to enter a similar color, brown camel, brown and camel reconciliation, it is relatively deep, and caramel Than, absolutely a fight.

However, since moncler moncler outlet men the decision in the morning and evening when the hoarding jacket, it is best to keep some, from the perspective of the analysis of tolerance, military green is no doubt the best choice, vertical and horizontal clothing industry for so many years, has not been disgusted Over, coupled with the waist of the design, eyes closed can be.