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What to wear to stand in the snow? These three kinds of jackets spend the winter together
Fur one jacket: both inside and outside the wind warm

With a fur coat with a fairy skirt to create a white look, thick and light mix and match, her man balance fairy plus, black boots and silver clutch bag rich overall, warm and light, neutral wear a different beauty.

Light brown fur jacket take a ginger yellow shirt, under the caramel brown boots, the depth of the collision with the color vision moncler sale soft, the middle by a sense of contrast denim blue to make the level more abundant, the overall very retro style.

Lambskin coat can be sweet, cool, white fur is not only the type is still very fresh age, exposing the splicing edge appears to be naturally rough, thick enough to take the thin sweater tight pants profile balance, with knit skirt cool handsome and feminine Both.

Are upset wearing two oversize collar and oversize version of the lambskin coat are generally close to the short motorcycle wind trim and collar and cuffs exposed only in the white plush neat and playy some with retro jeans, short skirts youthful and lively.

Teddy bear coat: soft to just four deflected thousands of pounds

moncler coats Red scarf not only toppled the elegance of the camel + white, people feel the warmth of thick warm winter, but also to improve the skin color rosy wonderful move, and the red hook on the shoes cleverly echo, so that the whole fresh And warmth, not to mention the brown packets to mention the waistline and was a light stylish heart machine.

With the same color with outstanding stretch significantly high effect, the presence of a strong sense of the single cold treatment method is commendable, she used a jean + gray blue boots moncler men to match beige plush jacket, jacket hanging off the length of the buttocks also Helps to be skinny, skin-friendly, and free from cold winter practicality.

Warm plush love parcels, fine wool soft warm inside and outside the foam, called the winter in moncler jackets the spring, uppercase warm Meng. Very simple cut, loose straight, hooded dark buckle cohesion never dragons, the side zipper is to add a touch of tough.

Parker coat: rigid and flexible work more efficiently

Corduroy and beach wool, taking into account the warm and retro type, can be said to be a mix of street style and French lazy Van, Parker-style design cold warmth to wear very high degree, with pink color, remove significant dark Worry, is the rejuvenation of old material interpretation.