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Walk through the autumn and winter and return to spring and summer, check the new wonderful
Shoulder, lotus leaf. The seemingly simple plaid dress is very particular about the details, the upper body is a unique style of asymmetrical oblique shoulder, highlighting the neck line, light sexy not sweet and not vulgar, lower body high waist fishtail skirt outline beautiful curves gentle and romantic, elegant Gray Plaid adds intellectual style.

Slings and cakes. The black-and-white Vichy dresses are fresh and sexy, and the cascading cake skirts are sweet and lovely. The black slings echo with the lotus leaves. The structure is bright and colorful. The high waist stretches the lower body, from the slender neck to the slender waist. Smart long legs, temperament can complete self-cultivation.

Asymmetrical, lotus leaf. The lotus-leaf wrap-around checkered skirt is unforgettable. The khaki-coloured khaki Prince of Wales is retro-intelligent. The asymmetrical flounced lines sleekly characterize the curves, while the flower hem is sleek and slim. The overall warm and generous charm is outstanding.

Bandages, pleated. The brown Vichy is uniquely dazzling. The wrap-around V-neck highlights the clavicular lines of the shoulders and the elegant French style. The waistbands and trumpet sleeves create proportions and moncler outlet styles. The oversized umbrella skirts have a retro romance against the slender waist and graceful curves.

Puff sleeves and straps. Simple straight-lined cuts are slim and do not pick people, falling shoulders cuff-sleeves are elegant and lovely, but do not see the flesh only to stay slender, the folds correspond to the high waist line, the waist tie knots, the yellow and dark staggered grid, fresh vitality and maturity Prudent both.

Color fight, bandages. The vivid and bright color plaids are full of blood in spring and summer. Green and white are filled with fresh and natural pastoral atmosphere. Cuff lining and yellow belt echo the same yellow color. The visual effect is not general. The irregular geometric skirt makes the personality moncler coats more prominent.

Irregular, strapping. Upper body foundation, focusing on the lower body, just like binding one more piece on the waist, creating a good proportion of waist and hip, vintage art on the red and white checkered pattern, irregular skirts and personalized streets, unique design, diluting the shirt dress, quite satisfactory. Makes the shape vivid and energetic.

moncler men The exquisite little plaid is fresh and lovely, plus it is specially cut and doubling the circle powder. The clever dew moncler jacket shoulder is sexy and not behave. The button threshold is moved to the left arm to break the convention and the new height is higher than the symmetry. Split sleeves can be used at any time, and the creative styling is worth pondering.

When you don't dress well, you become an artistic fashion trend. The asymmetric stitching with tension makes the plaid shirt a new look. The black and khaki are intertwined with light and dark, the natural and comfortable cotton and linen are comfortable, the oversize silhouette, the diagonal sill, and the backwards. Collar type, full of gestures full of fashionable handsome.