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To win enough beauty in the United States to win a short jacket
moncler coats Beauty regardless of age, different levels of beauty remind us to practice there are many. Beauty does not pick the season, there are always ways to make their own beauty last season. Of course, this must go through continuous cultivation to identify their own position. In fact, enough to want beautiful autumn, won the short coat is the primary task.

Autumn beauty can be a simple low-key, but certainly not suitable too fancy. No matter how much you like the blossoming of flowers, please remember that autumn is suitable for pure white background, so that the exquisiteness of embroidery can be maximized. Common jacket, because color and embroidery make yourself beautiful.

If you really give up, then the pink color is not impossible. Selected the material, pink can also be full of personality. Glossy feeling of overflowing, like the streamer, flashing the confidence of the season, coupled with the popular lantern sleeves this year, the fashion sense of a short jacket straight up.

Unique design at the collar, the baseball collar and the V-neck together, the delicate sense of knit thread and baseball uniform original casual relaxed closely linked to create a different short jacket fashion. Let pink have more extraordinary confidence, perfect moncler women autumn want beautiful heart.

Short, sweet, such an equation can be easily done. So 160 the following short moncler outlet color coat has a great voice. Short coat with a clear waist design, lift the waist line higher, the 155 out of 165 as the visual sense, what is a short coat dare not try it?

Sleeve fashion has become a must-see landscape, trumpet sleeves Ye Hao Ye Hao is also worth the role play is also popular play, but the most important thing is the best, otherwise how can make autumn enough beauty? Lace-up design, the gentle bow of the bow tie into autumn chic.

Short jacket + skirt, autumn favorite dress. If you are not sure what color to choose, then a white jacket will be the best to rely on. Adequate enough wild enough wild, whether it is big red or burgundy, whether it is suede or cowboy, can be a complete set of beauty.

Since the mention of the cowboy, had to mention denim short coat, after all, for the fall, the cowboy is also an integral part. Want to become gentle cowboy Embroidery by virtue of the gentle romantic, colorful spring are blooming on the shoulders in order to let the deserted loneliness dissipated.

When the fall is deeper, it is time for us to wear woolen cloth. Lapel woolen short coat, the material will be a perfect interpretation of crisp, and even the color is warm pink, take the white bottoming shirt, can be the best autumn OL temperament.