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These short paragraph down jacket, warm fashion is not bloated
Plump, short paragraph down jacket, it is not a good thing, because the length is not enough full-scale may become synonymous with bloated. However, the designer's ingenuity often comes from bloated, full to a certain extent is bloated, and bloated fusion design sense, it is charming fashion.

Short paragraph and long section different, less absolute temperature control, more with the skills test. Casual models with jeans down jacket can of course, or to a small umbrella skirt is not difficult. Irregular design, with a small ring to increase the sense of fashion, is indeed very good-looking.

Gold velvet padded down jacket, hold up the gloss of the material, but I did not see retro fashion sense. Red bean red visual effects superimposed on the short section of the essence of the spirit, the test of the clothing of self-grasp. This full, looked very warm, has nothing to do with the length.

How to make Bao blue elegance is not so strong, how to make sapphire blue more in line with the aesthetic of young people? About to rely on such a casual style. Enlarge the loose boundaries, the positive elements of the pockets of the winter cold wind, but also installed under the trust of young people.

Personality is greater than the temperature, while taking into account the temperature at the same time, we pay more attention to the effect of grace. Lace down jacket design, because of the special processing Xiegou, people suddenly remember the V-neck was thin effect. Deep colors encounter such a style a lot younger.

The warmth of wearing on to the body is not necessarily related to the appearance of warmth, but our designers like to use the seemingly warm to completely display the charm of moncler men leisure. Contrast color design highlights the big pocket, but also make the hooded design more conspicuous.

Slim down jacket to break the charm of fashion only full, so winter demeanor accompanied by the temperature more worth having. Color collision in the car line cutting under the formation of an irregular visual effects. Leisure is not lack of fashion sense, this is down jacket attitude.

moncler women Red wine is very eye-catching, it seems that once raised the texture of the jacket. Details of the various treatment, showing the moncler sale designer's intentions. Bat sleeve loose and ultra-short neat people eye-catching, trousers simple and easy to have a very good partner.