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Stylish and ever-changing, shirt skirt concave shape never perfunctory
The hardest part of the shirt skirt is the white basic model. It seems that there is no upper limit on the frequency of use. There are different styles to make the jackets to be worn. There is no need to worry about the seasonal changes. The king of the season is the single product, and this is The slender tip of the piece can be used for two purposes, hanging sharp and capable, simple knotting elegant playful.

White cotton unadorned section is the simplest and purest appearance of a shirt skirt. The thin waistband is exquisite and capable. The waistline is large and long legs are good proportions. You don't have to worry about it being too basic. You can choose one or two accessories. , In this "white" on the finishing touch of the magic effect.

Contrast button and line decoration to show the magic of geometric lines to show the charm of the dotted line. It is the perfect finishing touch on a large area of white. The ocean wind hits the color clean and fresh, the intimate drawstring waist, can change the styling and control ratio initiative without the belt. Right grasp hands.

Add popular elements such as irregular, checkered and suspenders, white shirts + checkered harnesses, small vests to interpret the trendy British style, geometrical hem and irregular skirts to display leg lengths to show free personality, slings to wear out waists, and stiff in the middle There are soft curves, rigid and soft economic models.

moncler outlet The most direct way to change the basic style is to do addition. Lace silk gauze dresses and basic blouse skirts are worn in layers. The effect of age-reduction is prominent. The level of modeling and the proportion of figures are highlighted. The gauze skirt is not afraid of long, beautiful and hollow, and lace. Lantern sleeves highlight the romantic literary temperament.

Black shirt skirt splicing mesh skirt, not only can hold the daily commuting style, but also the skills of a small black skirt or dress skirt, half of the rigorous formal romantic half blurred, easy to have a good ratio, different material splicing alternate stack also let black moncler women out Dreary and monotonous, show sexy legs in looming.

With a good sense of design, one can be stylish and effortless, incorporating trench coats, ponchos and other trench coat elements, coupled with the army green force with full boyfriend force, A-shaped profile comfort is a high skill skill to hide, behind the fine pleats The rounded pockets play a perfect score with the sling, and there is no need to emphasize curves, and beautiful legs can hold up the shape.

Loose shirt skirt for thin windbreaker or cardigan wearing demonstration, cover the outside in a cool and short inside can be stylish for a whole summer, while also has a practical function such as sunscreen cover, take moncler jacket a high waist line to show long legs, elegant outside the show Smart Street Fantasy, fresh and pleasing color, easy and comfortable from the inside out.