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Stacked a small non-sweatshirt moncler coats non-sweater none other than
From the collocation point of view, the solid color sweater compatibility far exceeds other similar existence, whether it is wearing a gaudy jacket, or wearing a lifeless jacket, will become a beautiful scenery, no way, amazing altruism It is here.

Of course, this does not mean that the color is not important, for the solid color sweater, the color anyway, is to decide whether a woman should not start one of the important reasons. Otherwise, reds with pride of capital will not be welcome by a strong cure.

Do not forgive the concept of green is not very good, but quite prestigious in the fashion industry, similar to the early years of red and blue sweater plus stripes to lead the movement of wind craze, green with three bars sweater seems never have been faced with the risk of being eliminated , Always vibrant, always vibrant.

Slightly avant-garde, take the street-style women prefer dark style black sweater. A dark piece, it seems nothing special, but there are a lot of elements of the article, the abstract and realistic large shark printing, is a typical example of a glance, full of murderous.

As the world is not exactly the same two leaves, the same choice of sweater when different women have different eyes, like dark is nothing wrong, like a small fragrance is moncler coats not wrong. Although sweater more casual, dotted with rhinestone, you can quite quite fancier Fan children.

Simply take the form of the words appear, you do not need too much care style, look at the past on the line, and then asked a little higher, can wear out their own taste on the line. The simple atmosphere of the dark blue sweater is very unique, lazy free range of children out, do not want to suck the eyes are hard.

moncler men Do not like low-key woman can try high-profile light blue, supplemented by two fake design, and white clever hit together, not to mention more flavor, the mood of the blue sky and white clouds ready, fresh feeling blowing, the whole Mood has become a lot of light.

The same is quite a fake two ideas, the last one is still dealing with the girlhood, this one has come to the point where the era of Mature women can freely access. Put on the jacket is a universal primer, take off the coat is the one and only one product, for the time being no matter, just can not hide the temperament enough for a woman crazy.