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Singles are sharp, and spring needs this sweater
Just collar, slightly loose version, minimalist style is basically not pick people, eye-catching color V-neck moncler sale function is not small, clothing waist to help get the proportion, relax the requirements for download, the overall elegance is not dull, commuting and leisure occasions Not limited, real wear beyond imagination.

Short lively and playful and automatically divided the high waist line, the bottom can also be more free, personalized flow of the sense of marked tide, loose version of the inside of the shirt or other take under the plug, join the lapel shirt or sport style items, vibrant sunshine College style is moncler outlet more intense.

moncler women The same is a short paragraph, version of slightly self-cultivation, in addition to the color of the body around the edge of the stripe, in the vicinity of the shoulder also added a small lotus leaf edge, the style is more cute, more suitable for petite sister Mengmei, wearing simple All-in-one, with jeans casual daily, with a small skirt is LORI on the line.

In addition to the hit color stripe, you can also add more details. The twisted wire has a sense of expansion and three-dimensional lines, so the version corresponds to the thin and loose section, and the collar with the same color as the collar is dotted on both sides of the body. Lively and fun, vertical division also has a certain self-cultivation effect, simple and refreshing eyes.

Along the V-neck circumference, the embroidering also comes to an end. After all, the warmest spring scenery is the most pleasant. The flowers can touch the heartbeat of the season most. There are flowers accompanied and the style is soft and gentle. The movement style is slightly reduced and the fresh and romantic is also spring. tune.

This retains the V-neck and loose-fitting version. The striped shift irregularly distributes the bodice. The sexy lazy and sporty sensation are all in the same color. The white color strips are not matched, the color is not more than three, and the same color echoes are not limited. , With a short bottom or denim singles sports shoes, casual sports style is very good, replaced by dress pants commuting range can also come.

It has a deep retro taste, is an indelible jacquard sweater vest memory, natural sense of color and complex patterns, nostalgic cute moncler jacket affinity, very suitable for the spring unpredictable temperature, use it to create a layered shape, was thin and warm equal to intimate Small jacket.

Change another ridged diamond checkered pattern, the British wind lady feels a rush, the white ash powder khaki interweaves, with the selection of products to extend this, shirt pleated Mary Jane / oxford shoes natural complete set, or can add a painter / shell Thunder hat is a classic picture in the movie. It is also a vanguard of literature and art in the reality.