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Put on a tulle beauty skirt and continue to look beautiful
After the big dazzles, the smart way to dress is to open the spring. moncler outlet In the past, the spring breeze returns. The spring girl's footsteps are graceful and light, and her place where she dances with the wind recovers everything. Adding a bit of freshness and softness is very refreshing. Let's look at the Daren demonstration to wear beautiful spring colors on the body:

The combination of tweed and soft yarn skirt, irregular mesh and tassel skirt tweed for weight loss, unique texture and shiny metal wire to make it away from boring, waist squirrel beads embroidered sprouting full force, the beauty of the details Exquisite, retro restraints highlight good taste.

moncler sale Black gauze fabric with bright silk stars shine, with a good and not boring, moncler women double-layer structure is very lightweight, the outer layer of mesh yarn also has a gradual change from the dense to sparse mental machine, was thin at the same time make the shape is layered , can be immortal gas can be dark, coupled with tough boots and casual sweater is very chic.

Many celebrities in the universe like to use the stars to make a fuss, because it is distant and dusty and devilish, which gives rise to romantic illusions. This veil is embellished with star sequins and snowflake embroidery, both of which are representatives of refined elegance and beautiful things. It is a beautiful day.

The veil choice is not limited, there is a fluffy but not too Peng, too much to catch the horse is not enough daily, a layer of yarn plus a layer of primer, the skirt embellished with sequin stars, covered with a layer of fairy tale color, if To be a little cooler, mix and match handsome leather jacket Martin boots can be a perfect balance.

For beautiful fairies that want to be beautiful, the glittering lights of the new season can be satisfied. The twinkling yarns are added to the fabrics. Color is fresh and romantic, with the same color, Morandi, simple black and white can all come with it to make an appointment.

There are many colors available for the veil, and each color has its own temperament. The black color is steady, and the gray color is also a good friend of various colors and basic colors. The smoke is like a mist. Surrounding, high waist and strong swing cover the meat, was thin and good shape to win.

Exquisite and elegant Slim Dress is a weapon to display a good figure. The outer light is lighter than the velvet, and the single wear is also a bottoming artifact. The upper body hits the color lace and is thin and elegant. The lower half of the pencil skirt is elegant and easy to handle everyday occasion.

Orientals are more likely to wear light-colored sweaters, warm and subtle, according to the skin color warm and cold in the near skin range there are many options, the depth of the shade is consistent with the visual habits, long sweaters and mesh skirts two solid color similar Reconcile the unique beauty, a variety of wear styles, plus a fine belt can determine the proportion.