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Pure color chiffon shirt, beautiful romantic elegance
Chic V-neckline outlines slender neck and exquisite little face, followed by a simple V-neck highlighting the tempting beauty of the neck, falling shoulders short-sleeved loose version of the meat cover was thin and powerful skills for a variety of body shapes, cool chiffon and refreshing colors, put on the body It's like walking air conditioning.

The viscose and polyester blended fabrics exhibited the right glossiness and elegant feeling. They were comfortable for the summer in their cool and comfortable wear. The small lapels stitched out the openwork laces to make them look exquisite and lovely. The loose tailoring did not pick up the figure and the hem was even better.

With lotus leaf as the partition, the upper part of the garment is lace, the lower part is chiffon, the moncler jackets material contrast sweet and retro style, and the romantic pink is neutral with neat colors or neat simple items, highlighting elegant and generous temperament.

The front of the two neat folds and cuff organ pleated design, the beauty is outstanding Aspect, to add intellectual elegance to the law-abiding shirt, elegant with skirts, trousers partial chic, intellectual college and capable commuter can seamlessly docking.

The front of the bodice is impervious to chiffon, and the short sleeves and the back are perspective laces. The contrast of fabric contrasts the good skin color. The short-sleeved T-shirt style is simple and practical, and it is easy to create a rich and moncler men detailed daily shape.

The flounced flies sleeves are romantic and immortal, enhances the styling of the model, visually helps the arm to be thin, the simple clothing body, the hollow line in the middle line breaks the monotonous, and optimizes the proportion of the body, hem into the hem and wear high quality moncler sale Lady Fan.

Different fabrics splicing to change the single structure and reduce visual expansion, the fusion of different fabrics style attributes to make the style stylish out of color, lace chiffon up and down the level of contrast highlights, lining color, high-profile and thin shoulder arm multi-effects.

Lace collar and collar under the triangle hollow, modified neck line highlighting the sweet and lovely, vertical sleeves outside the trumpet sleeve lace can make the arm slender slender, curling lotus leaves clothing romantic, pleated body slimming effect is no less than vertical stripes .

moncler women Transparent and impenetrable geometrical mosaic, multi-piece segmentation to optimize the body proportion, looming in the highlight sexy and elegant, solid color style wild wear, to create a variety of summer shapes it is very worry.