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Outside the outline of the cocoon coat see chic
Because simply far from the shackles of the United States, so cocoon-type coats even more T stage tolerance, is a real Fan children in Europe. Of course, moncler jackets in order to suit the oriental skeletal features, most of the cocoon-shaped coats we meet will converge a bit of personality and will not be loose enough to make people unacceptable.

Cocoon-type coats will often learn from the elements of fashion you used to be accustomed to, large lapel is the best proof. The stripe can make changes, wavy stripes with a sharp point of view, more hope that color as a reliance, it looks very literary wear is very thin.

Because of enough loose, so the lines of the shoulder can not be so clear, often is the normal collapse, and this happens to be our pursuit of random. Pure black, because of the unique participation of the line showing the visual texture, has a unique high-level customization.

?The mohair blend of coats, in fact, is the integration of a warm visual effects. But this fluffy visual effects will not affect the aura of the coat, all because of the cocoons design outline is very full, coupled with the internationalization of color, but also gives an irreplaceable momentum.

moncler women Cocoon type can also be leisurely. Or in a sense, the cocoon-type gas field was originally given a little bit of randomness because of the lack of bright and direct lines. If you encounter the right color and detail, then the overall effect will become very direct.

Women choose clothes, sometimes by intuition, they are often very sensitive, what will prevail this year, will grasp in time. For example, resistant caramel color. Perhaps because of the high frequency of khaki brown appeared, but reluctant to give up, so compromise, for a change of depth for a popular.

Cocoon loose and lace convergence, you want to wear out the common ground in these two diametrically opposite temperament is not easy, but it can be done. Classic khaki, moncler jackets no matter how many years, this coat will not be eliminated, may not be the most moncler jackets popular this year, but it will not be forgotten this year.

Pockets at the line slightly hit the color of the feeling, but also highlights the existence of a large pocket sense. Do not think that solid color is the best, if you do not want to have been so aggressive, then a little break the details of the gas field is still very necessary. Ring tie, this is not the same waist design.