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More than one meter six women, what kind of jacket to wear?
In general, more than one meter tall, it does not belong to the category of small, of course, especially women. For them, it's okay to dress again, as long as you like it. Down jacket is no exception, especially in the long section, there is almost no problem of control incompetence, dressed smoothly with it.

The prevalence of minimalism is definitely a rare clean flow in the fashion circle, never floating world does not say, but also has its own unique personality, and will never be faced with the risk of being eliminated, no matter how many years ago, are like Just launched the new same, full range of influx of children.

moncler jacket Not only minimalism, and occasionally, girls full of pink down jacket, but also in the foolproof version of the template set off against the background to show a decent style. At first glance, there seems no bright spots, look carefully to feel the sincerity, proper age-reduction tool.

A little bit gorgeous, a little bit calm, a little soft, so tacitly fused together to form a so unpredictable jacket, which contains the essence, I am afraid that only abstinence in the gray and simple wrinkle texture to Interpret it clearly.

Keep warm, knee-down jacket in any case should be included in a large collar straight hooded straight section moncler women is good, perhaps not beautiful appearance, but it has year-round inseparable from the practical inner, fly the degree, Much better than boyfriend who only provided hot water.

More literary women do not cling to themselves wrapped into a dumplings, and sometimes, lightly loaded can also exudes a decent charm. After all, taking a distinctive route is more important than anything, as evidenced by vintage colors and highly embraced bat sleeves.

Even if the New Year is not interested in red, but also a symbolic expression like, happy thing. Inadvertently wearing a red jacket on the body, not moncler outlet only myself, the surrounding friends can feel the atmosphere of the festival, serve two purposes, why not.

Tired of a season of haze has become popular blue, may wish to try the visual effect of a more refreshing ice blue, as if into the pure city of ice in general, not a little bit of variegated, coupled with inherent fluffy down jacket, Minute outline of a realist fairy tale world.

Yes, these are the exclusive rights of tall women, summed up in two words, amazing. Specifically reflected in any appeals can be perfect digestion, so more than one in six women, do not restrain their own talent, just wear it, anyway, in the long section down jacket are you da!