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In addition to black and white gray sweater can be what color?
I think there must be a lot of people think of the dark blue, this color is close to the black but away from the black, black inclusive, but no black cold feeling. Well dressed can also show a young and playful belonging to the college wind, while calmly deal with a lot of jacket style.

Green is a little more personal color, and the fall of the green itself brings a bit moncler jackets of seasonal deep charm, more and more distinctive. But you can switch thinking, if you think the color of the base sweater is not wild, then your wild black or white wool coat is not just can play a role?

This year's popular caramel color moncler outlet is derived from the brown, so meet the brown could not help but a little more intimacy. Knit vertical stripes depend on the simplicity and generous nature, loose and thin, slightly lazy but very confident, is the best choice for backing.

Sweet pink, a little orange-red feeling, but not so bright, but less than a few pink sweet. Thin knit gentle nature is the nature of moncler sale knitting, not impulsive do not impulse in order to do a good job of bottoming out, with a light color of the little umbrella skirt effect must be great.

A little hit color design, does not change the knit sweater excellent ductility, the moncler coats outline of a good body will not have any impact. Fungus trumpet moncler jacket sleeves, hidden blue and pink contrast you need to pay attention when wearing a little. Coat or down jacket choose to hide the blue or pink to echo must be superior.

In addition to the deep blue is worth trying, light blue Smart also worth the bottom pick. Graceful fresh, add a bit bright color, although it is cold color makes people feel very comfortable and natural. About gentle moncler men and elegant blue bones have a lot to do, V-neck embroidery details at the heart of choice.

Green into a little moncler women degree of tolerance, so chic two words play to the best condition, not to mention the participation of printing. Although the solid color can be set off outside the various possibilities, but a bit tricks bottoming should have two so, in the face of simple models outside the ride will not feel hesitant.

moncler outlet Do not rule out that some girls are keen on the black coat, from washing does not reveal defects so soon, so is the red knit primer shirt is also very necessary. Simple knit high collar, lantern sleeve is very prominent, perhaps in order to take off when the coat has enough to watch it.