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How can take the warm line down jacket?
The reason that winter likes dark line is self-evident, not only relieved the pressure of cleaning, but also ensured the thin power. If you think the color is purely monotonous, it can try embroidery ah, black and white contrast clearly, creating a small snowflake fluttering visual effects, so tight look ah!

Short paragraph, thickening, still can grasp the temperature. Big legs are good, if innate enough, but can be formed by dressing the big leg of the visual effects is not a sense of accomplishment it? Dark, low profile with a big fur collar look proud, with shorts and short skirts are the most appropriate.

Army green handsome self-evident, but the down jacket, the best in the best little more handsome to highlight the girl's modesty. You see embroidery so much color, busy but not seen in the complex, maybe just for leisure and comfort point of view it.

Do not know what kind of gentle? However, the combination of gray and pink is always reminiscent of such a beautiful vocabulary, not at all gray once obscure. As long as the color of winter a little bit more bright enough to settle the temperature is not confident enough.

Down jacket choice is not expensive expensive, windproof have to be the best in the wind but moncler men also to reduce the difficulty of cleaning, then the black padded leather down jacket should be no more demanding of. Large fur collar is very texture, totally irrespective of how monotonous black, always able to seize enough attention.

The popularity of velvet fabric gave a down jacket different style display, different from the high standard of gold velvet dress on the curve, gold velvet jacket just want to obediently embellish your temperature. Delicate car line molding the visual quality of bread, because the gold velvet embellishment extraordinarily appropriate.

Do not worry about too full down jacket, in today's fashion, full is a fashion. As long as the bat sleeve and lantern sleeve just right, afraid of what bloated? A knit dress can solve the problem of wear, never confused us an entire winter.

moncler outlet For the northern sister paper, light down jacket is not enough, you have to have thick down jacket, it is best to thicken moncler men handsome jacket. Deep blue of the age-reduction breath at this time just play well, the length of the knee can wrap all the restlessness, it is the attitude of the winter want.