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Have to wear a single wear within the unique, splicing-style dress to enlarge move
Houndstooth and deformation check stitching skirt fitted a shirt is a complete whole, soft and warm feeling of the white is very suitable for this season, but also very phase contrast with the whole, filled with a sense of literary retro, in this moncler outlet set The overall reduction of the age of the dress, a pair of Mary Jane shoes can be done pretty finishing.

Camel turtleneck sweater + dark green light green color pleated skirts, different materials but all have a warm feature, pockets and dresses, socks and skirts have the same color of different moncler jacket materials echo, the overall sense of good sense of the shape of the elegant, can be seen not Popular with skill.

Printed sweater and fairy style beaded gauze skirt stitching, the perfect realization of the current hottest femleisure wind, multi-faceted charm to play more features, perspective under the gauze to wear self-cultivation pants, but also respond to the wave of skirts overlay Thin gauze dress also visually reduce the thickness of multi-level shape.

High collar V-collar double-collar spell, warm and thin hands grasp, a sense of style stronger, loose H version was thin and not pick the body, but also the big long leg harvester, white and blue classic collision, Logo logo, a show of fresh and natural youth style.

Basic sweater + chiffon Pleated different color stitching, khaki and white collision fresh and comfortable girl sense of foot, bowknot scarf embellishment even more refined and elegant, loose version of the type of moncler sale wear thin, wear within the single take was easy and lively, Effectively avoid the tedium

Different fabrics stitching show different temperament, sweater + velvet Pleated, skin-friendly colors and materials to add some luster to brighten the whole, and with a luxurious texture of the basic models a little more velvet, which reflects the daily wear High sense.

Skirt with durable wear-resistant wool, open the trumpet sleeves and high open fork skirt posing under the soft lace, showing a "Xiao He was exposed sharp corners," and "still hold half cover" two different Effect, the gentle white rice and lace romantic superposition temperament upgrade, waist straps optimized ratio and increase Smart.

Plaid tweed plus fringed fringes, vest skirt stitching ladies white knit within the ride, are retro fashion check trendy fashion modifier, Slim A word skirt type to enhance the match with all kinds of figure, fungus edge Collar and speaker sleeves add retro elegance.

moncler women With splicing, plaid, asymmetrical, streamers, straps and other tide elements have found the right way to open, although the elements are not crowded, the overall combination of college wind and fashion sense, with retro shoes, sneakers or Short boots can give shape to youthful vitality.