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Fall and winter primer shirt, there are four kinds of enough
Sweater articles

To some extent, sweater does not belong to the category of primer shirt, but the real coat. However, with the popularity of the Korean Wave in recent years, is not the coat becomes less important, because the bottoming shirt attributes sweatshirts to show the changing style of booster, the neutral can be sweet and handsome can be gentle.

Summarized in one sentence is that only you can not think of, can not do without it, probably, this is the legendary fashion. The same token, the same is true round neck sweater, and even easier to control than the hooded sweater, easily create a "simple but not monotonous, ordinary but not mediocre" effect.

moncler jackets Velvet articles

Velvet as a highly comfortable material, as early as when it has been widespread concern in the fashion industry, redoubled again this year, it should be called a reincarnation. Although the appearance rate is not high, but expensive in the classic, shirtless embodiment of the shirt is not far behind, all kinds of eye-catching, simply can not stop.

Do not want to take the bottoming shirt snatched the limelight, do not choose the type of too beautiful, especially in itself is full of visual sense of expansion of the velvet jacket, do not want moncler women high profile is difficult. Fortunately, a rich brown in the town live the scene at the same time without losing luxury brand Fan children, it is worth having.

Sweater articles

Needless to say, sweaters are the most common and the most easy to handle all the bottoming shirt is not one of the items, as we all know, almost every woman's wardrobe there will be a few pieces, the control refers to the match, it is no exaggeration to say , With wild artifact to describe too much, absolutely not picky paragraph.

Cowboy articles

From the properties of the fabric point of view, the cowboy is moncler jackets not suitable for a moncler sale primer shirt princess, thanks to the current washing process is more developed, wrapped in a jacket will not look very bloated, so be sure to wear on the right, Even if there is no problem with a sweater, the convenience of the shirt is reflected here.