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Dress occasion pleats, the winter will be more attractive
Regardless of seasons, dresses are the same woman's love, put on the dress both feminine, but also super wild, who can not love it? When the dress encounter fall and winter of this year's popular hot pop element pleated, is not it more popular? Let's take a look at how the dress is interpreted and pleated encounter it!

Walk in the bustling fashion street, you want to attract attention at first glance, really not easy ah. However, the highly popular caramel dress + intricate pleated + fashion speaker sleeve, lead us to appreciate the European-style retro and elegant.

moncler jackets Good body, of course, to show it, even in the cold winter, do not be secretive. Slim was thin knit dress, the woman exquisite S-shaped figure perfect show, pleated use of the original dress becomes more attractive.

I do not know when to begin Sling dress gradually into everyone's vision, and very popular oh ~ Sling skirt was originally a very sexy single product, coupled with the same sexy night dark and tempting lace, is feminine Best interpretation

Casual sweater and elegant pleated, the two seem to be two never intersect the parallel lines, and we never thought of how the encounter will be the kind of magical event. Stand-collar embroidered sweater and stylish pleated skirt spliced moncler sale together, playful and lovely without losing the vitality and movement, really wonderful Oh ~

The above four are pleated in moncler men a large dress in the show, however, pleated dress in the embellishment will have a different beauty. Loose black fringed sweater + hem at the pleated stitching, so cool girls also a little more romantic feeling.

Velvet is very popular this autumn and winter fabrics, dresses, of course, will not miss it! Delicate and soft knit dress, with long velvet pleated skirt, showing a thick literary atmosphere. And then quietly tell you a little secret, this is a suit moncler coats Oh, not only can be combined together to wear, but also with other clothes to wear, very practical Oh.