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Cool it! Big fur collar look proud!
The existence of a large fur collar refreshed our expectations of the down jacket, as if with moncler outlet the presence of this furry, winter, less on the many threats. It is because of the existence of this plush, down jacket full into a fashion, even with the courage of foot jeans there.

To highlight the youth is not just the color of sweet, but also the cute style. Elastic edge of the hem and cuffs, always reminiscent of the happy hour on campus, the short leggings to achieve the illusion of long legs, dressing will give you a surprising wonderful ending.

moncler women Bread-style down jacket is not popular for a year or two, but when it is combined with the lantern sleeve, with a military-green backing still handsome face. Big fur collar is a bit exaggerated, but lining a face like a palm-sized, no wonder the big fur collar courageous publicity so assertive.

Of course, the big fur collar can bring us not only the warmth of vision, but also the needs of a lot of Yan values. Pins fur collar stitching to moncler jackets maintain the overall color and coordination of the down jacket, and hats and hat echoed each other, enough people satisfied.

Using large fur collar to hit color, it is refreshing design. Style is common, there is no big special fur collar. However, the color of the jacket warm and bright, encountered a large fur collar unique, more and more seem the mystery of the color world can not be easily figured out.

Want the best warmth, of course, is an extended jacket with a big fur collar. Imagine, what kind of cold can beat such a combination? Use a little refreshing color, only a little color in the collar at the embellishment of the collision, the transition clever nature easy to accept.

Jacket also come together to make fun, let the temptation of the big fur collar so big? The playful design of the stickers are hidden behind, but people found the benefits of white, with a pink collar, instantly show many invincible look of youth. I think you will like it and jeans with.

Of course, black and white to see the effect is very different. Black can also be a student party favorite, but its inclusive but can be postponed. Any time to pick a black jacket will not seem out of tune with age, but not because of the color of the fur collar to change their clout.