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Concise and comfortable concave shape, no knit skirt can not work
Cold wind mercilessly clinging to the warm clothing, can give the fine care of cashmere is preferred, from the neck to the calf gap, there is a touch of splicing to highlight the low-key fashion heart effort, as soft as a petal, Light and delicate without trace.

Moderate cream brown, high collar collar moncler jacket lantern sleeves Loose version of the full lazy and elegant, up to the knee wool knit skirt Fitted with tight pants to achieve profile balance, comprehensive warmth, but also for the Skirt skirt to create a smooth flowing lines Fan, do not delay the bottoming out, still in the winter fairy fluttering.

Soft and comfortable high waist A word skirt beautiful and real wear, waist knit plus vertical black stripes design, was significantly thin to achieve, hit the color stripes also break the monotone moncler highlights the design sense, so that the overall modern atmosphere.

Longitudinal Pit moncler jacket H version of the body along the natural ups and downs ups and downs, wearing a prominent highlight a good figure, the base will not swell, simple version is not long-winded, the front single-breasted body and cuffs little fork and add a little design element, after all, A good way to reinforce the style's rich details.

moncler outlet This is actually a slight waist close to the H-type, the focus is deconstruction wind tailoring, side lapel, unilateral split splicing, unique cut highlight the chic personality, so the most simple and direct version of the model will be able to highlight the.

X-shaped figure that best highlights the hourglass figure highlights the thin waist stretch leg, bright red and white Houndstooth visual impact is full of warmth and vitality, sharp dog tooth pattern with the soft version of style, Enchanting and independent , Vintage style and modern intertwined.

O-type or lantern-style is very soft Meng, closing the middle of both ends of the loose, suitable for thin limbs, lower body requirements on the waist, coupled with a tight primer can highlight the slender, of course, coupled with the belt can highlight the high proportion and hourglass moncler sale curve.

This body is a hole knit, sleeves are vertical pit, the left near the armpit has drape pleated, asymmetrical and details of the different lines in a solid low-key rendering, is the pear-shaped body gospel, showing the art Introverted and well-behaved side by side.