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Coats are worn, the winter will be far behind
moncler jacket Attached to a few rain, the weather is getting cold, have to admit that autumn and cold are born pair of partners, accompanied by emergence, just to remind the woman, "the transition from summer to autumn completely over from autumn to winter The official start of the transition, "the fact that this is moncler jacket not, there is no signal, coat ready for a grand debut.

Coats are worn, the winter will be far behind. Do not look now moncler sale is Osamu fragrance in October, for the vast majority of northern places, it is already already a winter atmosphere, especially in recent days, the temperature plummeted, wearing a coat is not too out of the street .

On the contrary, do not wear will seem a bit outdated, too pursuit of style do not temperature may be able to better show the advantages of body, but can not stand onlookers look, for their own good, or how to wear warm, not to mention the coat has More than just keep warm.

In addition to warmth, the coat has a very distinctive personality characteristics, take full of Chinese elements of the wool coat, whether it is three-dimensional cranes embroidery at the two sleeves, or chest chestnuts fringe decoration, exudes an unwillingness And the secular pollution of the same breath of high atmosphere.

It is precisely this atmosphere, which constitutes a woman can have all the temperament, of course, the atmosphere may occasionally exist in another form, the only difference is that the former is more obvious at a glance, the former is more obscure, through the details Outline can be revealed.

For example, a simple to only a group of black coat, even the version are the cocoon type appear on the market every year, the surface moncler men seems to be no bright at all, in fact the highlight is inadvertently lock the edge, one Tidy hand-beaded beads, enough to save all the boring.

So, be sure to remember that you should never underestimate the charm of details, even if it is a type that is crazy for women themselves, and always pay attention to whether an extra thread or an obscure flaw may be Pull down the whole coat grade.

Coats low grade, which sets the woman naturally set off no grade, and wearing such clothes to go out, let alone look back, and instantly reduced to the background of the board are not unacceptable things, but fortunately, big Lapel straight coat enough to stand, stand the test.

By the same token, the same round of uniforms wind coat is the same again and again, since the birth, has not been subjected to criticism, whether it is fine workmanship, or tough lines, are worth it year after year out, advance preparation One, properly done without problems.