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Buy a good buy skirt how to miss?
The most common winter dress is knitted, of course, knit enough to have enough confidence to smooth the streets is not boring. Black and white with the classic, the formation of a large V-collar modification effect, suitable for a variety of collar coat, pleated splicing in the hem to increase the length of a bit, add a little light feeling.

Knitted personalities are generally mild, Ling grid neat, with the three-dimensional shape of the knit pattern formed, more than hit the color lines worth having. Purple and red bean paste soft, perhaps because of the mild texture and enlarge one of the most romantic part, forming a nice straight skirt style.

To the art to romantic knit dress ah, lazy or self-cultivation, free or Sen system, are knitting good play. Simple color mosaic lace exquisite, different colors and materials together to create a lazy department of elegance, and because everyone is different, so it is particularly worth having.

Loose knit dress is actually very moncler jackets difficult to control, or high value, with the value of the color to make up the curve, or height and weight to force, enough to afford literary dreams. However, you have to admit that it really looks good ah, accompanied by thick knit twist, even know the light convergence.

Although the same is a thick thread knitting, but the pattern is more subtle, the overall version of the design is not so lazy casual feeling, more like the outline expanded to give you a more refined visual effects. Red eye-catching enough, though not literary children's retro vintage old, but equally worth a try.

The effect of fine thread knitting is different from that of thick thread knitting. Although the fine thread knitting is mostly used moncler jackets to show the slim body, it is also very seductive when it is loosely dimensioned. More seductive is the jacquard design sense moncler coats of the story, people have to admire.

moncler outlet Although the pattern and style is far inferior to knitting, but wool is also very important in autumn and winter. The feeling of light cooked lines on the election of wool. Round neck sleeveless vest skirt, a little more lines formed a slim feeling, simple and elegant colors, it is suitable to go to the workplace hard.

This is a more suitable dress to wear, because the character of the lantern sleeves eye-catching enough, after all, air-conditioned room is already normal in winter, such a skirt is nothing to be awkward. Vintage blue chic, sweet style, more suitable for 20-year-old girl naive, youth is the conqueror of all colors and styles.