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New Products 2017


  • Off-Shoulder T-Shirt Lightens Fresh, Sexy
    The T-shirt is a frequent visitor in the summer wardrobe, because it is easy to wear, comfortable and comfortable properties destined to become evergreen models. However, when people always have a sense of fatigue, a slight change of focus can bring in new ideas. The hollowing out of the shoulders reveals a bit of flesh and meat. Both men and women can accept the sexy, and the opposite sex does not reject the fresh feeling.

    The most everyday T-shirts can actually be less flat, and they can be unique with strapless straps or patterns. The asymmetrical strapless shoulders show personality and sensuality. The patterns come with a trendy attitude. The simple tactics make ordinary styles sweep away and become fashionable.

    Excavation reveals one shoulder to create fashionable asymmetry effect, and at the same time, you don't have to worry about too much exposed and revealing, and there is no sense of conservatism. The clavicle and shoulders are firmly locked in sight, and the colored striped shoulder straps and the body letters echo each other. Loose style is cool and thin.

    moncler women Flowers and letters embellished retro literary art, strapless trumpet sleeves modified arm lines are thin and elegant, bold and eye-catching design details, it is a warm and romantic atmosphere of the season, get rid of mediocrity, white T can also show a variety of style.

    The refreshing chiffon shirt is one of the most difficult complexes in the summer. The hollowed-out bat sleeve hides the delicate bones of the skin, and it has a good effect of avoiding weaknesses. The pen.

    Before and after the V-collar plus hollow shoulder strap accurately reveal the advantages of shoulder and neck, rainbow-colored pinstripes romantic and beautiful eye-catching effect first-class, thin knitted fabrics comfortable personal, choose the color of the bottom to match with the overall look good.

    Stripe plus strapless shoulders, refreshing double, exquisite pits and knit light covering the body curve, regardless of the skirt or trousers, long moncler coats or short, can properly show the elegant and charming temperament.

    The V-neck and hollowed out strapless flared sleeves are slim and sexy. The hollow pattern makes the boundaries of the skin unclear. It balances the sensuality and elegance. The geometrical hollowness is simple and atmospheric. The plainness makes the whole simple. No more wearable.

    Plain minimalist off-shoulder T-shirt is all-you-can-eat, with the advantages of both basic and stylish models, flexible to deal with all kinds of shapes, a hundred wearing moncler jacket not often worn Changxin, straps solid shape, flared sleeves modified arm, summer It's refreshing and stylish with all kinds of bottoms.

    2018-05-24 10:03:00
  • Lazy style, striped T-shirt replica engraved French romance
    French romance has always been graceful and graceful posture. It seems that the hurried time has become irrepressible around it. The contrasting striped T-shirts have such attributes. They are not afraid of the rapid change of the trend. The land exists in the long river of fashion, no matter who picks the audience at the moment, there is always a place where it can stand firm.

    The striped shirts, which are known for their refreshing visual effects, change color with the seasons, and they are more and more vibrant and colorful. The yellow and white stripes are white and lined with white, or denim.

    moncler women The thin-knit T-shirt with pit texture is more elegant and soft than the ordinary cotton T. With the retro and unique color stripes, the left chest is embellished with flamingo embroidered with freedom and enthusiasm, showing a lively and romantic style.

    Do not underestimate the power of moncler coats the basic models, it does not limit the versatile and practical, all kinds of styles can come in handy, fast and easy commuting switching, clever use of outfits and accessories embellishment will be able to change the ordinary impression.

    The beaded decoration is equivalent to a brooch, allowing the basic striped shirt to become luxurious and instantly enriched. The wide-legged pants or long skirts are elegant gestures, and the A-line skirt is still fresh and playful.

    The basic stripe T-shirt can also be used to bring style, such as hem, roll sleeves, plus accessories, etc., which are to make it out of the plain way, marked with a distinctive personality along the way to aid self-cultivation.

    Wide stripes highlight the color level, strong sense of presence, loose version type help get fat or slimming issues, cuffs moncler jackets rolled up stylish and easy, comfortable fabrics and chic hit color is a beautiful encounter this summer.

    The striped polo shirts, which are very young, embroidered love lapels and ring zipper half-opens, are all firmly grasping the eye-catching points. The loose version is slim, with shorts or short skirts.

    After the retro style struck, the party led the trumpet sleeves to revive. Not only the unique style, but also the thin and prominent femininity are also unique cheats, so that the original neutral wind striped shirt with a sweet feminine color, so that the shape of fresh and peaceful Soft with just.

    2018-05-22 09:59:18
  • Lotus Leaf Sleeve Chiffon Shirt
    The chiffon shirt is the accompanying cool treasure of the fairy in summer. It is light and comfortable, and the value is online. Because of the temperament, you can add the flavor of lotus leaf sleeves to let you breathe the smell of the world.

    moncler jacket Simple chiffon shirt and white T shirt as wild wear, around the round collar plus a circle of small hollow, modified shoulder and neck rich visual level, lotus leaf cuff elegant elegant lady temperament, behind a buckle plus false door cute Chic, rich details make it simple but not simple.

    V-neck and middle cuffs have hollow patterns embellished with exquisite detail, simple threshold and simple intellectual, lotus leaf trumpet sleeves make moncler jacket gestures more charming and charming, drape chiffon loosely cut, casual formal all wear, tie clothes show waistline Wear a good figure.

    The hollowed out sleeveless shoulder sleeves highlight the rounded shoulders, the effect of cleverly observing the worship of meat, and the double flounces accentuate the elegant charm. The soft pink prints are sweetened with lighter colors and are refreshed and cool. Human heart to wear.

    Ties are cute and playful with a round neckline. The cool, comfortable sleeves on both sides of the ruffles highlight the slender arm and create a sweet and romantic atmosphere. The pastel colors not only connect with the base color, but they are even more romantic and elegant with a simple print.

    Wild ladies wear white shirts with fine details to win. moncler sale Tulle splicing lace collars and flare cuff echoes. The virtual reality is dreamy and romantic. The sleeves are laced on the outer side of the sleeves. The richness of the sleeves reduces the expansion and assists in self-cultivation. The exquisite details complement the minimalist white, fresh and pure beauty. Extraordinarily charming.

    In the sleeveless foundation, the three-dimensional flounces are formed to form a longitudinal extension, which is visually soft and can effectively modify the shoulder arm lines. The front middle horizontal hollow stitching breaks the monotonous details and the back is simple and convenient with teardrop-shaped buckles, and the vitality is white and green. Summer is very refreshing and refined temperament.

    Under the collar and behind the small hollow detail echoes sexy playful, clothing on both sides of the vertical toothpick plait intellectual thin, the trumpet in the sleeve plus hit color strap assisted to enhance the waistline and was light and elegant, pink print fresh and romantic, leisure formal all, show Elegance.

    2018-05-18 10:06:53
  • Lace-up shirts are sweet but not moncler jackets too cute
    Lace-up shirts have such a magical power and tie a tie at the front of the chest. It makes you look lovely in appearance, and brings a sweet and pure campus feeling. Especially on the occasion of seeing her boyfriend's parents for the first time, such a dress up is a big plus.

    This season's shirt trend tends to be retro, lace plus fold ruffles to create a light retro style, plus fresh and delicate green and white stripes, suitable for retro literary feelings of you, with a high waist to download optimized body ratio, A word skirt Slim age, wide leg pants add gas field.

    Chiffon shirt is a good companion for summer, sweet and pleasing ice cream color makes people infatuated, tulle bow tie contrasts with body chiffon, and is equipped with a strap, fresh air, French elegance, modern OL are It's you.

    Sweet colors and details of the small LORI just shirt, double lace doll collar contrast color highlights the simple aesthetic, and most of the college style items can be compatible to moncler coats create a youth idol drama style.

    The use of fresh and unique brick pink, the front of the body has a lotus leaf splicing, so that the vision is full of some, so it is the gospel of flat-panel figure, black tie with a cut off, and echoed with a black bottom, strong sense of shape as a whole, Looks good in texture and high quality.

    Chiffon printed highlights vitality and romantic style, regular patterns are not too confusing visually, adding a boring workplace modeling, is a good adjustment, an overall live, gray powder + black composition, sweet but stable .

    moncler jackets The pleated accordion lapels of the retro court style are lavishly adorned with luxuriant brilliance. The velvet contrasts the laces and highlights the chicness. With the simplicity, the other items are more subdued and better, making it the only focal point of the styling.

    Since the ancient red-blue CP is enviable, this group of extreme hitting colors are both dark and difficult to control. The overall literary sweetness is stable, and can be brightened by bright makeup and adding light-colored items.

    Chiffon white shirts are dotted with a variety of gadgets, as if to release the hidden innocence, there is no doubt that the age-reduction effect can be floating can be detachable this cloth ribbon can enrich moncler sale the level of modeling.

    2018-05-16 10:01:07
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