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New Products 2017


  • Lotus Leaf Sleeve Chiffon Shirt
    The chiffon shirt is the accompanying cool treasure of the fairy in summer. It is light and comfortable, and the value is online. Because of the temperament, you can add the flavor of lotus leaf sleeves to let you breathe the smell of the world.

    moncler jacket Simple chiffon shirt and white T shirt as wild wear, around the round collar plus a circle of small hollow, modified shoulder and neck rich visual level, lotus leaf cuff elegant elegant lady temperament, behind a buckle plus false door cute Chic, rich details make it simple but not simple.

    V-neck and middle cuffs have hollow patterns embellished with exquisite detail, simple threshold and simple intellectual, lotus leaf trumpet sleeves make moncler jacket gestures more charming and charming, drape chiffon loosely cut, casual formal all wear, tie clothes show waistline Wear a good figure.

    The hollowed out sleeveless shoulder sleeves highlight the rounded shoulders, the effect of cleverly observing the worship of meat, and the double flounces accentuate the elegant charm. The soft pink prints are sweetened with lighter colors and are refreshed and cool. Human heart to wear.

    Ties are cute and playful with a round neckline. The cool, comfortable sleeves on both sides of the ruffles highlight the slender arm and create a sweet and romantic atmosphere. The pastel colors not only connect with the base color, but they are even more romantic and elegant with a simple print.

    Wild ladies wear white shirts with fine details to win. moncler sale Tulle splicing lace collars and flare cuff echoes. The virtual reality is dreamy and romantic. The sleeves are laced on the outer side of the sleeves. The richness of the sleeves reduces the expansion and assists in self-cultivation. The exquisite details complement the minimalist white, fresh and pure beauty. Extraordinarily charming.

    In the sleeveless foundation, the three-dimensional flounces are formed to form a longitudinal extension, which is visually soft and can effectively modify the shoulder arm lines. The front middle horizontal hollow stitching breaks the monotonous details and the back is simple and convenient with teardrop-shaped buckles, and the vitality is white and green. Summer is very refreshing and refined temperament.

    Under the collar and behind the small hollow detail echoes sexy playful, clothing on both sides of the vertical toothpick plait intellectual thin, the trumpet in the sleeve plus hit color strap assisted to enhance the waistline and was light and elegant, pink print fresh and romantic, leisure formal all, show Elegance.

    2018-05-18 10:06:53
  • Lace-up shirts are sweet but not moncler jackets too cute
    Lace-up shirts have such a magical power and tie a tie at the front of the chest. It makes you look lovely in appearance, and brings a sweet and pure campus feeling. Especially on the occasion of seeing her boyfriend's parents for the first time, such a dress up is a big plus.

    This season's shirt trend tends to be retro, lace plus fold ruffles to create a light retro style, plus fresh and delicate green and white stripes, suitable for retro literary feelings of you, with a high waist to download optimized body ratio, A word skirt Slim age, wide leg pants add gas field.

    Chiffon shirt is a good companion for summer, sweet and pleasing ice cream color makes people infatuated, tulle bow tie contrasts with body chiffon, and is equipped with a strap, fresh air, French elegance, modern OL are It's you.

    Sweet colors and details of the small LORI just shirt, double lace doll collar contrast color highlights the simple aesthetic, and most of the college style items can be compatible to moncler coats create a youth idol drama style.

    The use of fresh and unique brick pink, the front of the body has a lotus leaf splicing, so that the vision is full of some, so it is the gospel of flat-panel figure, black tie with a cut off, and echoed with a black bottom, strong sense of shape as a whole, Looks good in texture and high quality.

    Chiffon printed highlights vitality and romantic style, regular patterns are not too confusing visually, adding a boring workplace modeling, is a good adjustment, an overall live, gray powder + black composition, sweet but stable .

    moncler jackets The pleated accordion lapels of the retro court style are lavishly adorned with luxuriant brilliance. The velvet contrasts the laces and highlights the chicness. With the simplicity, the other items are more subdued and better, making it the only focal point of the styling.

    Since the ancient red-blue CP is enviable, this group of extreme hitting colors are both dark and difficult to control. The overall literary sweetness is stable, and can be brightened by bright makeup and adding light-colored items.

    Chiffon white shirts are dotted with a variety of gadgets, as if to release the hidden innocence, there is no doubt that the age-reduction effect can be floating can be detachable this cloth ribbon can enrich moncler sale the level of modeling.

    2018-05-16 10:01:07
  • Pure color chiffon shirt, beautiful romantic elegance
    Chic V-neckline outlines slender neck and exquisite little face, followed by a simple V-neck highlighting the tempting beauty of the neck, falling shoulders short-sleeved loose version of the meat cover was thin and powerful skills for a variety of body shapes, cool chiffon and refreshing colors, put on the body It's like walking air conditioning.

    The viscose and polyester blended fabrics exhibited the right glossiness and elegant feeling. They were comfortable for the summer in their cool and comfortable wear. The small lapels stitched out the openwork laces to make them look exquisite and lovely. The loose tailoring did not pick up the figure and the hem was even better.

    With lotus leaf as the partition, the upper part of the garment is lace, the lower part is chiffon, the moncler jackets material contrast sweet and retro style, and the romantic pink is neutral with neat colors or neat simple items, highlighting elegant and generous temperament.

    The front of the two neat folds and cuff organ pleated design, the beauty is outstanding Aspect, to add intellectual elegance to the law-abiding shirt, elegant with skirts, trousers partial chic, intellectual college and capable commuter can seamlessly docking.

    The front of the bodice is impervious to chiffon, and the short sleeves and the back are perspective laces. The contrast of fabric contrasts the good skin color. The short-sleeved T-shirt style is simple and practical, and it is easy to create a rich and moncler men detailed daily shape.

    The flounced flies sleeves are romantic and immortal, enhances the styling of the model, visually helps the arm to be thin, the simple clothing body, the hollow line in the middle line breaks the monotonous, and optimizes the proportion of the body, hem into the hem and wear high quality moncler sale Lady Fan.

    Different fabrics splicing to change the single structure and reduce visual expansion, the fusion of different fabrics style attributes to make the style stylish out of color, lace chiffon up and down the level of contrast highlights, lining color, high-profile and thin shoulder arm multi-effects.

    Lace collar and collar under the triangle hollow, modified neck line highlighting the sweet and lovely, vertical sleeves outside the trumpet sleeve lace can make the arm slender slender, curling lotus leaves clothing romantic, pleated body slimming effect is no less than vertical stripes .

    moncler women Transparent and impenetrable geometrical mosaic, multi-piece segmentation to optimize the body proportion, looming in the highlight sexy and elegant, solid color style wild wear, to create a variety of summer shapes it is very worry.

    2018-05-14 09:55:23
  • fashionable! These solid T-shirts are not the same as others
    Geometric hollows with fine fringe embellished under the collar, looming and most attractive, so that more monotonous T-shirt romantic charm, lotus leaf short sleeve summer artifact artifact, and cool and ventilate it will not be stuffy, wild moncler outlet solid color models, Concentric shapes.

    The deconstruction of the collar becomes two thin bands, and the pendant of the comet that is worthless to the death of the dead is equivalent to the multi-layered necklace that is less age-appropriate and cute. The number of flesh and shoulders in the lotus shoulder sleeves is hidden. Light and elegant it can witness.

    Basic short-sleeved T-shirt like a white paper does not have much traits, in the collar stitching V-shaped embossed lace to enhance the overall texture a lot, the details highlight the fresh and pure literary temperament, moderately relaxed outline concise, and a variety of Bottom Can be freely combined.

    One side of moncler outlet the collar hollowed out with a hollow lace collage, the level becomes rich, breaking the rigorous show soft and sexy, the same pattern on the other side of the shoulder echoes to strengthen the overall style, the hem on the waist side tie knots livid fall, fiber A good proportion of waist is easily available.

    The collar metal ring makes a pointy touch, adding a touch of coolness and a sense of luxury. The neat temperament is enhanced. The small v-neck can be used to modify the neck and face of the clavicle. The loose-shouldered version is slimmer, and the fashionable details give the appearance of color and unmistakable taste. .

    The larger the collar, the more slimmer it will be. Before and after the big round neck, it will be added with a thin cross belt so that the neck will not moncler women run out of space and it will also reduce the risk of exposure. The sexy and slim body will move the heart, contrasting with the casual loose version and greatly enhance the shape. Fun.

    Irregular gauze stitching makes white T light and dynamic. Personality details make it a fashionable focus away from the basics. White reduces wear restrictions. Outer mesh gives shape more possibilities.

    Hollow trumpet sleeves bring a romantic and elegant atmosphere to the cotton T-shirts. The sunflower-like colors make the whole person as bright as the sun, releasing the summer's enthusiasm and vitality.

    moncler jacket Simple T-shirt with hollow horn sleeves, elegant and feminine feminine full and easy to attract attention, fresh and light colors are full of healing, with a neat dress underlines the desperation of temperament, like a breeze refreshing a whole summer.

    2018-05-09 10:22:14
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